Why is auto insurance important?


Lack of insurance can cause problems. Especially when drivers do not have to take policies with them. After all, nothing nice about it, when during road control an officer discovers that the driver is driving a car without valid insurance. However, the lack of insurance can come to light not only when insurance has not been purchased. Sometimes, despite the purchase of compulsory insurance and payment of premiums in the database, there is no information about the policy. Why is auto insurance important?

The policy primarily protects you – as the driver of the vehicle – against claims from any victims in a situation where the consequence is damage to health or loss of health, injury, death, damage or loss of property. This situation does not have to take place in road traffic, but also e.g. when parking (or even parking), getting on / off the vehicle, or loading / unloading it. The policy also protects your passengers, even if you are guilty of harm. 

The insurance will cover the cost of damage as part of the treatment / rehabilitation of the injured person and as part of the repair of damaged property (car, home, fence, etc.).

Remember: to cover your own damages, protect your property, insurance, often additional insurance is needed

What if I’m not insured? 

Driving without car insurance is illegal. If you don’t have one, you may be fined or disqualified from driving. The maximum fine is unlimited, and you will also receive penalty points from your license. The police can also take over and destroy any vehicle driven without a guard. 

Why is auto insurance important?

How is the cost of car insurance calculated? 

The amount of the premium depends on many factors, including your age, place of residence, type of car being driven, profession, place of storage, what you use it for and whether you have been convicted of crimes related to driving.

You can often lower your premium by paying a higher surplus, i.e. the amount you need to contribute to the cost of your claim.

Especially young people are exposed to high premiums due to the higher risk of accident, and some may be tempted to shorten the corners to get a cheap deal. 

How much does insurance for a new car cost? 

The year of the car has a significant impact on the price of insurance. Owners of several-year-old cars pay significantly less than owners of several-year-old and older cars. However, cars break straight from the salon. This is due to the fact that they are most often bought by doctors, lawyers or IT specialists, who are assessed by insurers as more likely to cause damage on the road. We also like to boast about new cars, test their power – all this affects the high risk and high insurance price for new cars.



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