There are three common sleeping positions. Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position. Side sleeping improves circulation. It stimulates the drainage of toxins from the lymph nodes. It improves digestion. It boosts digests. And it helps the brain filter out waste.

What are the things that side sleeper need to know? They should choose the right pillow and mattress for side sleeping.

  • Choose the Right Pillow

There are great side sleeper pillows. Extra large pillows are the best because they support the stomach or back from rolling out of position. The inner makeup of the pillow is also important. A good side sleeper pillow bends and molds to accommodate the needs of the side sleeper.

Solid foam pillows provide a better support system. However, they do not bend or move around easily. Shredded memory is great for side sleepers who love moving or wrapping their pillows into various shapes. Gel and water base pillows are also great for side sleepers.

  • Choose the Right Mattress

The best mattress for side sleeping supports curved areas such as the waist and the neck. Sleep helps to heal ligaments and muscles, so a side sleeper needs a good spine alignment and a good sleep posture. A good side sleeping mattress keeps the spine aligned. And it has a huge impact on the quality of sleep.

What is the best mattress for side sleepers? It is gentle on the pressure points such as hips and shoulders. And it is supportive. Side sleepers who wake up with pain in their hips and shoulders should change their mattress.

  1. Side Sleeping Helps Digestion

The natural position of the stomach is on the left side, so side sleepers should sleep on their left side. Why? Because this position does not work against the gravity. It allows the stomach to digest food effectively. And it moves the food in an organized fashion.

However, side sleepers, who sleep on their right side, have a problem with digestion. This is because sleeping on the right sider hinders digestions. It works against gravity, so the food is not distributed evenly in the stomach. And this position causes heartburn.

2. Side Sleeping and Shoulders

Some doctors do not encourage side sleeping. They think side sleeping damages the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Side sleepers can avoid damaging their shoulders by using a pillow with good support. In fact, they can use three pillows to minimize right or left shoulder pain.

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If side sleepers have shoulder pain, they can wear an arm sling to minimize the discomfort. They should look for a mattress that can help them reduce shoulder pain. The best mattress that can reduce shoulder pain is one that hugs the curves in all the right places.

These are the things that a side sleeper needs to know. Side sleepers should choose the right pillow. They should pick the right mattress that provides enough support. They should know that side sleeping can help improve digestions. And they need to learn how to minimize shoulder pain caused by side sleeping.